Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Photo Goodness *Clumsy edit

You know what everyone likes? Pictures of my knitting!

Here's the round dishcloth I made this week in an effort to start destashing cotton. I need to sew up the last half inch of the seam after work--I cast off before I left the house this morning and brought it with me to seam at lunch, and my end just wasn't quite long enough. I needed to thread it through the center and gather it, which ate up some yarn--if I hadn't gathered it, there would have been a two-inch diameter hole in the middle!

I love this cloth. I'm amazed that the magic of short rows turned flat knitting into wedges, and then into a circle! And I like the way the variegated yarn worked with the pattern. I might need to make some more of these.

I'm also making some progress on my sweater.

It's not as wedge-shaped as it appears; it's just all scrunched on the needle at the top and spread out at the bottom. I also had to pin the edging to the carpet to keep it from flipping up. I really hope that problem is solved by seaming and blocking; if the bottom of my sweater is constantly folding up, I may never actually wear it, and that would be tragic!

I'm done with the waist shaping and I have about three inches to go before I can start the shoulder shaping. I feel good about my progress, even if I'm not sure I'll get to wear it before the fall. We'll see!

Edit: I just had something happen that was so completely absurd, I must share it, even though it is personally embarrassing. I reached into the Pharmacy Drawer (also known as the Secret Snack Drawer and the Tampon Squid Drawer) of my desk for some Tylenol a little while ago and opened the bottle. I then dropped the cap of the bottle onto the floor. So I leaned over and tried to pick it up. Through some bizarre combination of chair on wheels, chair that swivels, very short arms, and extreme clumsiness, I managed to fall out of my desk chair. In the process, I scraped my left upper arm along the edge of my desk, twisted my right ankle, pulled something in my back, and did something to my right wrist (in the course of trying not to spill the open Tylenol bottle in my right hand. I only dropped two!). Despite the fact that Tylenol is clearly a dangerous drug, I took some--I'm gonna need it! (Makes my headache seem... trivial.)


Barbara said...

Geez, Ann, are you okay? Gotta cut back on those two martini lunches. Stoopid roll-y chairs.

Nice progress on your sweater and a cool looking dishcloth.

I'm trying not to cast on anything else; I've already got four going. Yikes!

Knitting Magic Girl said...

It was a day for falling at UK! Something must have been in the air. I like the dishcloth. I used up my cotton stash over Christmas, so maybe I need to get more now :oP

Ann said...

I'm fine, Mom. I'm a little stiff, and I have a nice bruise on my arm, but other than that, no big deal! :)

Leah, before you buy any cotton, we should think about a swap. I've got so much cotton it'll take me years to use it up!