Monday, February 11, 2008


I did finish my wimple over the weekend--hooray! Sadly, when I tried it on immediately after I bound off, I did have a leprechaun/nun thing going on. It was quite tight. I wish I had taken a picture of it then--it looked much more like a sleeve than anything that whould go over a human head. And I did attempt to block the hell out of it. I think I succeeded in blocking the heck out of it, anyway--it's not blocked as severely at one end as the other (because I tried to use a bloster-ish pillow for blocking, and the stuffing congregated at one end), so I'll probably try it again. But the difference it made was astonishing!

Post-blocking, my wimple doesn't make me think of diminutive mythical Irish clergywomen at all. It's elegant and lovely, just as I envisioned it. I would have worn it today (it's cold--below freezing, which is relatively unusual for a midday Kentucky February temperature), but I haven't woven the ends in yet. Too many ends--grrr! I used slightly more than one skein of yarn, plus I had my little moment of impatience when winding the first skein into a ball and wound up with two balls instead of one. One small (okay, large--my head is enormous) wimple, and I have six ends to weave! Ugh.

And I also don't have any photos of the finished wimple to show off. My brain has been a bit fuzzy lately.

You see, I'm still all sick. Super Fantastic Antibiotics have done little more than give me a mild case of Delhi Belly. My left ear is still all yucky, and my right ear is getting a little worse. My sinuses are still all clogged and hurt-y. My eyes are still watery. At least the conjunctivitis hasn't come back! That's one thing to be happy about. So I'm going back to the doctor--again--tomorrow, as directed. In the end they might conclude that this is something I have to suffer through, and if that's the case, I'll just have to toughen up a bit. But I really hope than can do something about my ears. I'd like to be able to hear again!


Aaron said...

I stayed home today because I was up half the night coughing. Coughing until you think you're going to vomit is pretty unpleasant.

And my antibiotics have given me the runs, too.

Hooray, illness. It does wonders to sour one's view of the world.

Barbara said...

Can't wait to see your wimple. I finally can see the color and it looks very pretty.

I want to buy yarn. I want self-striping or patterning sock yarn and I want it now. I think I'm going to use my gift $$ from the AC to buy sweater yarn from Patti tomorrow. I ordered a new sock book from Amazon to learn how to make 2 at once. *hangs head* My feet are freezing and I need to knit warm socks faster. Really, I've got an excuse. It's about -4 today. Brrrr. Was that me complaining about being too hot in Bonaire last week? Why am I never satisfied?