Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy List

There are many things that are making me happy today. Most of them are knitting-related.
  1. Online shopping yarn accidents. I blame Leah for this one. But I just love knowing that soon, there will be a package of yarny goodness to brighten an otherwise run-of-the-mill workday.
  2. Friday. 'Nuff said.
  3. The prospect of a new craft project. I got the new KnitPicks catalog yesterday and the chart keeper caught my eye. But I would want something larger--more like 9x12-ish--so I did some online searches. (I later noticed that the chart keeper unfolds to the size I'm looking for, but I still don't like that it's hinged in the middle. What good does the right size do me if it's not going to stay flat if I pick it up?) I found the Schoolhouse Press Magnetic Row Finder, which is more like what I want, but not quite big enough. Next, I stumbled upon this tutorial for making/embellishing a pair of flat magnetic strips to kind of sandwich your chart in, and I thought that I might be able to make do with something like that. I searched the Michaels website to make sure they have the materials, and I came across this--a magnetic sheet, 1'x2'! Perfect for my purposes. It can even be cut to size. I just hope my local Michaels carries it! And the metal strips mentioned in the tutorial, of course. I'm having fun planning this, and I really hope I can find all the materials so I can have fun making it!
  4. Clearance yarn. I got the skinny from a coworker (who moonlights at Michaels) on their current clearance. I might not buy any of it, but I'll definitely enjoy looking at it!
  5. Yarn swap. I mentioned the possibility to one of my fellow SnB-ers regarding all of my dishcloth cotton, and it looks like there's going to be a big Group Swap on Tuesday. I'll have to dig through the stash and see if there's anything else I'm willing to part with! I feel like dishcloth cotton doesn't give me much bargaining power. (So common!) Regardless, though, even if I just give some of it away, I'll be pretty happy. I have too much cotton. Seriously.
  6. Friday. It bears repeating.
I hope everyone has a happy weekend!

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Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

I'm so glad you like the magnetic chart marker idea...I think if anything is worth's worth making yourself! And to make it pretty besides, is an added bonus. :)

I love the idea of the 12" size...I'll have to try that!