Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Check it out, I'm a tiny bit famous! (The photos are what's important here.) I'm taking my fifteen minutes about twelve seconds at a time.

Let's see, what else have I got? I made my chart holder thing.

Here it is, modeling slightly more than half of the first sock of the first pair of the Sock Knitter's Pentathlon. (My first toe-up sock!) How did I make the chart keeper? I took one magnetic sheet, one stiff plastic placemat, 6 magnetic strips, and one roll of contact paper, and combined them. Ta-da! Then I cleaned up the craftermath and got knitting. (Get it? Craftermath? It's the aftermath... of crafting... I'll shut up now.) It's more flexible than I'd like, but plans are in place for fixing that.

Oh, I finally took a picture of my Primavera sock.


And here's my latest round dishcloth.

I out-clevered myself on this a little, and ended up with about 6 extra stitches. I had been planning to frog, but have since decided to fudge it. It's a dishcloth--it doesn't need to be perfect. I like the colors.

And finally, my yarny goodness arrived today.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, in Lakeview and Purple Iris. Mmm, yarn!

I'm really looking forward to the yarn swap tonight! I'll be sure to post pictures of the haul. Assuming the other people don't just laugh at my huge stash of cotton--I wouldn't blame them a bit!


Barbara said...

Mmm, pretty yarn-y stuff. Love the socks, want the dishcloth, wish I was brave enough to knit socks in sock yarn because it's so purty. Can't wait to see your swap swag.

Love you!

Knitting Magic Girl said...

We laughed at it, but we still grabbed at it too! Thanks for the cotton!

Katie said...

sigh. I'm sad I missed the swap. but yay for pretty yarn. you're doing much better on your pentathlon sock than I am, I've barely finished the increases. it will get finished eventually I'm sure.

Ann said...

Katie, you were missed. I keep hoping that Second Work will give me a Sunday off so I can make it to SnB, but for now it looks like Sundays are workdays. Don't worry about being behind on the socks--the gold medalist was done by the time I turned on my computer to get the pattern! An entire pair of socks in 9 hours. As for me, I'll be happy if I finish all 5 pairs, period!

Katie said...

I had to frog part of my sock otherwise I'd be further along. I can make the next two Tuesday nights before Josh starts school. I haven't even been able to spend much time on Sundays. I keep thinking maybe I can talk people into coming closer to Nicholasville so its easier for me to get out, say on a Wednesday night.