Monday, March 24, 2008


I went to the ophthalmologist this morning, and he dilated my pupils. I knew it was coming, but I wasn't quite prepared to walk onto the sunny sidewalk and try to navigate the crosswalks to get back to my office. Not without constant wincing, anyway. The blindness and light sensitivity are not fun. But I suppose I should be happy, because now I can replace the glasses that broke a week and a half ago. (Have you ever really looked at your eyes when your pupils are dilated? It's creepy. All pupil and no iris.)

I did finish the platypus over the weekend, as promised. But I neglected to take pictures of it. I'll try to remember to do that tonight. I also got started on a turtle, and I'm making good progress on the shell. I think I may have to find a smaller toy to make for the baby the turtle was intended for--while the platypus is sizable, I don't think there's a danger of it smothering an infant. But the turtle is big and flat--not the sort of thing a baby could wrap its arms around. I may end up with a turtle of my very own.

I'm one sock closer to being allowed to cast on new socks. I finished one of the Primavera socks yesterday and cast on the second. After I finish that one and the other Pentathlon sock, I'm going to give Bellatrix a shot. And I think I'm going to try doing two at once, Magic Loop style. I'm also thinking about frogging the beginning I made on Slippery Socks. They're very cool, and I would love to wear those socks, but I just don't think I'm up to making them right now. They involve a lot of cabling (which I'm not crazy about) and a lot of chart-reading and concentration. I can definitely see myself giving them another go in the future, but for right now, I'm tired of them staring at me accusingly every time I sit on my sofa.

Other than that, there's not much going on. I got some bad news late last week which sent me into a bit of a funk--opportunities lost, and all that. As I told Mom--I'm not sulking anymore, but I'm still grumpy, and that's okay. So I'll be taking it easy on myself for a little while. And if some pretty, new skeins of yarn happen to appear in my stash? Well, sometimes these things happen.


Barbara said...

Speaking as someone who reaped the benefits of retail therapy last weekend, I say a little wild spending can work wonders. But only a little. Let's not go mad here.

I think frogging the Slippery Sock is reasonable. You've been slaving over it for months; it's obviously not inspiring you right now. Frog away, I say, frog away!

Ann said...

Thanks for the validation! I'm doing pretty well at not going mad--I even deleted the two sweaters' worth of yarn from my shopping cart without any help! And it feels nice to have "permission" to frog that sock.

Love you!