Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Don't Look Now, She's Blogging!

Sadly, I have no pretty pictures to show today. But I have been knitting--in my copious spare time!

Okay, so I'm not done with any of my pairs of socks. (I swore I was going to finish two of them before I cast on anything else. Or... did I swear I would finish two pairs before casting on any more socks? Did I just find a loophole? Awesome!) Ahem. Anyway. Not done with the socks. But I didn't cast on more socks, so that's something, right?

What I cast on was a duck-billed platypus from this book. I got all fired up thinking about the two couples I know that are having babies, and I decided to knit each baby a whole tableau. After spending some time working on the platypus (and after buying all that yarn, enough for approximately 12 toys), I've come to realize that the naysayers were right--I can't possibly be that ambitious. Each kid gets one or two, and that'll be enough.

The platypus is just so damn cute! I modified the pattern a little--as written, it has you knit everything flat: body, four legs, tail, bill, two cheeks, and a nose plate thingy, then seam them all up and sew the pieces together. That's an awful lot of seaming for one platypus! So I decided to be clever and work each piece in the round. I was even clever enough to graft the ends of the leg/foot pieces, rather than binding off and seaming. So far, so good--I haven't out-clevered myself yet. Right now I'm working on the bill, and I think that this might be the place where my brilliant plans backfire on me--either that, or it'll be absolutely brilliant. My plan is to work the bill, the two cheeks, and the nose plate thingy as one piece. If I can make it work. It'll involve stitch holders and possibly multiple sets of needles. I'm optimistic. I expect to be finished this weekend.

I hope everyone's St. Patrick's Day was as pleasant as mine was. I decided (on my way home from work last night) to make corned beef. I also managed to forget something important at my office. I decided to swing by the office before going to the store to buy my corned beef, and I waited until 6 to leave, to let rush hour traffic disperse. Got my stuff from work, headed out to Kroger, and picked up a 3 1/2 lb brisket. (Why does meat look so much smaller at the store? And what makes me think that I'm a linebacker who can eat 3 1/2 pounds of corned beef?) Got home, and realized that it was going to take 3 1/2 hours to cook my meat. A more reasonable woman would have saved the corned beef for another night. Not me! I cranked up the oven and got out the roasting pan. Who says that 10:30 is too late for dinner? And of course, being a big paranoid freak, I still had to call my mother and make sure that it was supposed to be that pink. Silly, silly me--not only did I know that corned beef was supposed to be that color, I had also checked the internal temp and knew that it was well above the minimum safe temperature.

But regardless of the hour and my paranoia, I really enjoyed my corned beef. (And I had snacked earlier in the evening, so I wasn't completely starving!)

And today? Today, I had a corned beef sandwich for lunch. Yum!


Barbara said...

Mmm, corned beef. If Dad didn't come home every night and expect a meal at a reasonable hour, I would so be eating supper at 10:30 some nights. Granted the meal might consist of Bugles and chocolate ice cream, but still... And it was mealtime in some time zone, somewhere.

Can't wait to see your platypus.

Love, Mom

fragglesmurf said...

Nay, nay I say! But you can keep the yarn. No sense in taking that bacl

Ann said...

Samara! Aren't you the one who keeps telling me not to buy more yarn? Don't be an enabler!