Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday FOs

Last night I finished two of my smaller projects.

It's my latest round dishcloth, the one that unexpectedly got a little lopsided. (The yarn is less pink than it appears here.) I've decided to call it the Sawblade Cloth, because it's serrated on the edges like a circular saw. (Obviously.) I'd like to make this again, without messing up. I still have an awful lot of cotton!

I also finished my Ballband Swiffer Cover.

Okay, in literal terms it's a ReadyMop cover, but whatever.

I'm really happy with how this turned out. Again, though, I want to make another one, this time in slightly more dirt-appropriate colors. (I also have a vague plan involving knitting one of the bands double-stranded with a strip of nylon netting, for scrubbiness. We'll see.) I haven't used it yet, but I'll be sure to report back once I do.

Once I sat my ass down and actually focused, these were both projects that went really quickly. It felt really good to finish these up. Remember how I was all excited to cast on everything in sight? Well, my many WIPs were starting to weigh on me. I had Knitting ADD (KADD), and I couldn't seem to focus on one project for very long. Now my active WIPs are down to 4 socks (all different), one afghan, and one sweater. One of the socks is my Second Work sock, so I don't really count it. It feels like a much better place to be. I've got the Primavera Sock in my knitting bag, my sweater reserved for SnB, my SKP2008 sock for quiet couch knitting (complete with fancy handmade chart holder!), Second Work Sock, and an afghan for TV crocheting. See?
Nice and tidy and manageable.

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