Thursday, March 6, 2008


I feel very good about Tuesday's yarn swap.

What started as a literal swap became more of an opportunity for everyone to destash, with the leftovers marked for charity. So not only did I cut my stash of cotton roughly in half, I came home with the bounty seen above, and I'm helping to provide yarn for crafters in need. Everybody wins!

In other news, we had quite an exciting night at Second Work last night. I was cashiering, actually helping a guest, and I heard the door alarm go off. I glanced up and realized that there were four women laden with merchandise hotfooting it out the door and into the parking lot! One of my guests ran out and got a license plate number, and by the end of the night we had a list of stolen items that we're reasonably sure is accurate. The police came, I gave a brief statement--and before the officer left, one of our staff discovered a cell phone that one of the thieves had dropped! So, despite their audacious and daring felony theft (about $1100 in merchandise, I think), these ladies are not going to win any Best Criminal awards. I'm still flabbergasted by the whole thing--I can't imagine doing anything like that! My parents raised me right.


Aaron said...

Yeah, Lexington doesn't exactly have CSI-type capabilities, but with a license plate number and a cellphone, my guess is that everyone involved is looking at some serious criminal charges.

Hooray for easy police work!

Barbara said...

Thank you for saying you were raised right. How ballsy can they be? I'd try an electronics store next time, ladies; they have smaller pricier stuff to steal so you can carry more. What'd they take? Sheets? Pots & pans? Somebody got a wedding shower to go to?