Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Very Sweater-Like

Would you look at that? It's starting to look like a sweater!

For once, the color is pretty darn accurate. I love the way the blue and the gray blend, and I like the places where the blue stands out. And don't worry--it's not actually that uneven. That's just what happens when I decide to pin a sweater piece to the carpet for a portrait at 7 am, before I've finished my coffee: I pin it a little lopsided.

I've got a few more inches to go before I'm done with the back, and then it's on to another piece! Even though I'm probably not going to be able to wear my sweater until next fall, I'm pretty happy with my progress. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to finish it this winter, anyway.

I thought about taking a few pictures of my platypus progress, but decided against it. The poor creature kind of looks like a black burrito with one leg right now; I thought I'd wait until I at least attach the other three legs before I show it to the world. Platypuses (platypi?) don't have much dignity anyway--I want to spare this one as much embarrassment as possible.


Abby&David said...

On the contrary, I think platypi are among the most dignified members of the animal kingdom.

Barbara said...

Whoa, beautiful, Ann. Love the colors.