Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coupla Things

First, may I just say that waiting is no fun?

Second, I spoke to a nice detective yesterday about the Big Doings at Second Work last week. I looked at a photo array and was completely useless. None of the people caught my eye. Of course, I couldn't rule them out, either. I appear to be the Worst. Witness. Ever. I guess the cell phone we found was a bust--all prepaid and stuff. Damn. I sincerely hope that my lack of identification abilities doesn't harm the case against anyone they've caught up with.

I tried out my reusable Ready Mop cover last night.

It works!

I'm hoping that being washed and dried will tighten it up a bit; oddly enough, I didn't anticipate that it would stretch when wet. (Some days I'm not very smart.) But it got my floors clean despite the stretching, so hooray!

I also finished the first sock of the first Sock Knitters' Pentathlon pair.

Look! A sock!

In this one, you get a glimpse of my first ever short row heel. Oooh! The jury is still out on short row heels for me. I've heard people say that they don't like the fit, but this feels just fine to me. I think I messed it up a bit, though, because I ended up with big holes. (Something to do with not picking up the wraps right, I think.) I sewed them shut, so they're not really a problem. I'm going to pay special attention to my wraps on the second one and see if I can correct the problem.

Finally, here's the sock's glamor shot. Looking from the top of the cuff towards the toe, with its lovely textures apparent, this shot captures the subtle elegance of the Jacobean Sock.

Ahem. Sorry. Look, though--pretty!


Barbara said...

Wow, pretty sock. I love the color, so soft. I'll have to look up short row heels. That means no flap, right? I had a little yarn accident Monday night myself. And the drift of WIPs grows...

Don't feel bad, maybe all fleeing women look alike. There's that common desperate expression we all wear after a certain age or time of day, I'm guessing.

Yay for clean floors even if your mop cover's a bit, well, floppy.

Ann said...

Thanks! The yarn is Elann's sock yarn, color Platinum. Inexpensive and soft--I'm glad I got it. You're right, short row heels don't have flaps.

I don't feel too bad. I was so shocked when it happened that my powers of observation flew right out the window. I'm hoping they'll still be able to bring them to justice! (She said, dramatically.)

Yay for clean floors, indeed!

Katie said...

I loooove it! I still haven't finished the first pattern repeat. ahh well, someday. must get a picture though.

wilst thou be at Jane's next Tuesday?

Ann said...

Katie, I'm not sure if I'll make it on Tuesday--one of my friends is getting an award that night, and I might go to that. I should be there tomorrow at ReBelle, though--I don 't have to work. :)