Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grump, Continued

Today it's rainy, warmish, and dark. Overcast. I can hear thunder outside. It's the perfect day to curl up on the sofa in your pjs and knit, or watch tv, or read something deliciously frivolous. Guess where I am?

Yep. I'm at work.

No sofa for me today. Oh, well. Today will be okay despite the lack of sofa-tude. If I'm lucky, no one will back into my car like they did yesterday at lunch. I was in the car at the time--honking to try to get the other driver's attention. It didn't work. Luckily, there was no damage to either car, and we didn't collide hard enough to even be shaken. Just annoyed.

I finally frogged the Slippery Sock. It felt surprisingly good, although I did have a few qualms as I was doing it. I mean, I do plan to eventually knit those socks, and probably in the same yarn. I'll have to duplicate the efforts I just wasted via frogging. But it feels so good not to have that project hibernating that I've decided it was worth it.

So now I'm down to three socks on the needles instead of four. I still have to finish two of them before I can cast on Bellatrix. Frogging doesn't count as finishing. All three socks are second socks, and the only one I've made significant progress on is the Second Work sock. I started the heel flap of that one last night. Maybe this evening I'll buckle down and make some progress on one of the other ones. Maybe I'll tackle the mountain of dirty dishes that's threatening to annex the dining room table. Or maybe I'll do some cleaning and tidying so that when the nice cable installer comes to hook me up to internet and phone s/he can actually reach the wall.

We'll see.


Aaron said...

I am here to fix dienen cable. I am expert.

Ann said...