Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I am posting this using my shiny new broadband internet connection. Ahh... speed!

I missed a golden opportunity to get a crazy sock picture today. I had two Insight guys in my apartment for half an hour, and I didn't ask either of them to hold my sock! I didn't even remember when one of them (his name was "I'm the New Guy") perceptively noticed a theme in my decor and asked me if I was a knitter. Sometimes I'm a little dim.

I have been knitting, though. The same pattern from the page-a-day calendar that caught Mom's eye also grabbed my attention.

I may

have gotten

a little

carried away.

For now, I'm done with bibs. Back to socks and sweater, my most pressing projects. I'm still not making much progress on my second Pentathlon sock, and my Primavera socks have kind of stalled. Still, I have to remember that I'm not allowed to make Bellatrix socks until I finish both of the other ones--maybe that'll help motivate me!

To change the subject, I think it's time I made a confession. We're all friends here, right? No one is going to judge me.

There are times in every woman's life when she needs a little help to get the job done. And sometimes that help takes the form of a hand-held, battery-operated device.

I mean, who hasn't been there? Who hasn't experienced a moment when you think that your hand is going to fall off from the repetitive motion, when your wrist aches, when sweat breaks out on your brow, and you're still not done?

It's times like those that make me reach over and grab it. It always makes things happen when I'm getting really desperate.

Now, there are those who say I rely on it too much. Others think I don't rely on it enough. People have suggested to me that the answer to my problem does not run on two AA batteries--they think that I should upgrade to something larger, that plugs into the wall, or that I should cast it aside and get myself something that walks on two legs and has a Y chromosome to do the dirty work.

To all of those skeptics, I say, "Forget you!" We're doing quite nicely, thank you very much. We don't need your criticism. It's time to cast off the mantle of shame and brandish our appliances proudly. We should leave the store with our heads held high, scorning bags that might hide our purchases from the world. Ladies (and gentlemen--you know who you are), it's time to come right out and declare to the world,

"I love my Dawn Power Dish Scrubber!"

Why, what did you think I was talking about?

Happy April Fools' Day, everyone!


Aaron said...

I applaud your April Fool's Day joke.

I'm smart--I got that you were gonna be silly. But I thought it was going to be an electric knitting device.

Abby&David said...

I would like to announce that I knew right away that you were talking about your power dish brush. And may I also say that I am shocked that it still works? Didn't I give you that for Christmas like 4 years ago? I'm glad you still enjoy it.
Talk to you soon,

Ann said...

Of course you did. What else would I have been talking about?

It was right before I moved, so it would have been 4 years ago. It's gotten some new batteries and I've replaced the head once or twice, but it still works beautifully. It will be a sad day when I have to replace it.

fragglesmurf said...

Well, I'm not ashamed to admit I thought dildo. I did however think that you had knitted a cozy for it. I think I've seen that in book you have some where in your apartment.

Knitting Magic Girl said...

Hooray for broadband and April Fool's jokes! Good to see you again last night!

Barbara said...

Ooh, pretty bibs. Nice I-cord too. I have to confess my mind was in the gutter, but you pulled off the joke. Nice going.

Katie said...

oooh bibs! I've been on a bib kick too! may I steal (borrow) the pattern from you sometime? little girl should have lots of pretty bibs, don't you think?