Friday, April 11, 2008

Socks--One Pair Down!

Last night, I finished my Second Work Socks! Hooray!

Um, I forgot to take a picture.

Anyway, that leaves me with two socks on the needles. My Pentathlon sock is closer to being done than the other one, but I pretty much need to be at home to work on it. (Raellyn tells me that she's got the pattern memorized, more or less. I hate her a little for being that much more clever than I am. But I don't hate her nearly as much as I love her for sharing her wonderful baking with the knitters--so it works out to me still liking her a bunch.) I made a tiny bit of progress on my Primavera sock last night, but I decided I would rather revel in done-ness than immediately face another unfinished sock, so I put it away after just one 6-row repeat.

I realized this morning that knitting these nice, wool socks is kind of silly right now. I mean, it's springtime in Kentucky--today it's supposed to hit 76 degrees! That's not wool sock weather. And yet I have two pairs OTN, and as soon as I finish one of them I plan to cast on another! It may be the better part of valor to leave Bellatrix until the fall, and instead pull some Sockotta out of my stash to make some more seasonally-appropriate footwear. It's 45% cotton! Cotton is summery, or at least springlike!

I'll probably ignore common sense and make Bellatrix anyway. I mean, I don't have to wear the socks immediately--but I am looking forward to making them!


Barbara said...

Yay for finished socks! Can't wait to see them. Boo for 76 degrees. It's barely 40 and raining here. The only good thing about today (so far) is buying 2 more pairs of shoes at DSW. DH says he's going to start calling me Imelda.

I'm going to keep working on my chunky house socks so I don't get toe frostbite. What happened to the warm sunny weather we had last weekend?

robyn said...

It is important to knit socks all through the summer, otherwise you won't be prepared for the winter. Plus, socks are nice and light so they make good summertime knitting.