Friday, April 18, 2008


Today the morning news told me that there was an earthquake early this morning in southeastern Illinois--and people reported feeling it in Lexington!

I, of course, was asleep for all this. Damn! I've always kind of wanted to be in an earthquake--a minor one, where no one dies or gets seriously injured, but you can definitely tell that the earth is moving. Looks like I wasted this opportunity. From now on, I do not sleep!

(See Leah's blog for slightly more info, and a nifty graph/recording thing of the earthquake.)

I also managed to exchange my faulty (ha!) scale last night. Took home the new one, set it up, and nervously stepped onto it. And it didn't crack! Hooray! Weight loss continues, but I choose not to record it at this time. Sunday is weigh-in day--if I start weighing myself willy-nilly, chaos will ensue!

I might be imagining it, but my jeans feel a little looser today. :)


Barbara said...

Yeah, Dad told me about the earthquake when I got up this morning and I hoped that you'd felt it. We were in one in Anguilla once, Dad was standing and felt it, I was reading on the bed and didn't. Drat. Hooray for loose jeans! I'm sure they are. One month from tomorrow's the big day. Urk.

fragglesmurf said...

I look forward to a weigh in on Sunday. I looked at it today and I got excited, but not too excited. I like being sick, well not sick so much as the not hungry side effect. How can I get that one again?