Monday, February 4, 2008


I am happy to say that this weekend I made it past the heel (teehee--I just typed "hell") of Ho the Second! I don't have any photographic evidence, but there were witnesses; I took it to SnB yesterday.

I've also been making progress on my wimple. On Friday I spent my lunch hour knitting on it, listening to part 7 of Don Quixote on (It's even more entertaining than I expected it to be! That crazy Spaniard knew how to tell a story. I can even overlook the fact that one of the readers mispronounced the horse's name for two chapters--almost.) I stretched out my knitting to admire it, and... wait, where the hell did that giant hole come from? Apparently I had a yarnover accident a few rounds back and somehow didn't notice it. This was not a small, easily ignored mistake. But I didn't want to frog 6 or 7 rounds (!)--so I thought of Jessi, put on my big girl pants, and the next thing I knew I was holding this:

It's upside-down, but you get the idea. In the center you can see where I dropped down 10 stitches (!) several rows so I could fix the mistake. And d'you know what I did then?

I knit it back up!

Who's a knitting rock star? I'm a knitting rock star.

The second picture actually shows where I am as of this morning, one and a half repeats in, but it is the side I fixed on Friday. Can you see where I fixed it? I can't! (Did I mention that I'm a knitting rock star?) I'm supposed to go to three and a half repeats, so just two more to go!

This picture shows the lace a little better:

And of course, I neglected to swatch, and I'm a little worried that this is going to turn out ridiculously tight. I mean, I do plan to block the hell out of it--I'm just not sure how well it's going to work. This will definitely fit over my head, so I'm not worried about that. I just hope it floats delicately around my face rather than framing it with an iron grip that makes me look like a cross between a nun and a leprechaun.

Fingers crossed!

On Thursday I'm going to take a crack at teaching one of my coworkers to knit. She's convinced that she's going to suck at it, and I'm trying to convince her otherwise. Actually, I'm trying to convince her that everyone sucks at first. I just hope she doesn't psych herself out.


Barbara said...

Dear Knitting Rock Star,
I am gasping at your nerve and skill. You unknit 10 stitches, fixed a boo-boo, and then reknit. Holy carp.

I hope it fits after all that.

Ann said...

I hope so, too!

jessi v. said...

i told you i would comment if i saw this... and that you actually had the tenacity to put it down all tinked and take a picture, well, that is knitting rock star behavior indeed.