Friday, February 8, 2008

No Puncture Wounds

Yesterday's knitting lesson went quite well! My student was quick on the uptake and never once threatened to stab me with a needle. I really enjoyed the moment when she realized that she was actually doing it--"Would you look at that? I'm knitting!" More lessons will follow!

My knitting has been stagnant for the last few days, thanks to the recurrence of my nasty, stupid cold. I was starting to feel better (except for my ear infection, which was unchanged) on Wednesday morning, but by bedtime I was starting to feel rotten again. And yesterday I got hit with body aches, sinus pressure so bad it made my eyes water continuously (and was not moderated by Sudafed), and the beginnings of an infection in my right ear, too. Argh! It's hard to knit when your eyes are watering--makes it look all wavy. So I went back to the doctor and got some different, better antibiotics. Because I had been starting to feel better, it looks like whatever is in my sinuses is bacterial, so this new drug should do the trick.

I hope to finish my wimple by Monday, at which point I'll stop whining about being sick. Maybe.

Oh, and it was the tea cozy thing.


Aaron said...

I KNEW it was rogue tea cozy. Hooray! What do I win?

fragglesmurf said...

I wanna win. Can I win too?

Barbara said...

Win? I didn't win. *pout* Were there prizes?

Hey, I'm glad you got new meds and will get better soon.

And I'm glad your knitting lesson went well. Getting stabbed by a needle would have been bad. I lovelovelove your sock. What yarn is it? I might cast on my Filatura di Crosa socks today. After unpacking, starting the laundry, going to the grocery, getting Dad's van out of JJ's barn, I might.

Oh, I got a call that your "formal" is done. I'll give Nita a buzz and go get it next week.

Love you! Talk to you tomorrow! Yippee!