Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Friday

Neckwarmer, take two!

Ah, that's better! I ended up frogging what I had done and adding a moss stitch border. Now it lays nice and flat, and has a pretty accent feature. Of course, you can't really tell any of this from the picture. Take my word for it--and maybe squinting at the photo will help!

I've had a few internet-based yarn-related accidents lately. Have you ever seen something on sale, and you knew that if you didn't order it you would hate yourself, but you kind of hoped that the vendor would run out of it before they processed your order so you didn't have to feel bad for spending more money and also didn't have to regret not ordering the wonderful sale item when you had the chance because you'll never be able to afford to pay full price?

They didn't run out. The color isn't accurate on my screen--it's moderately less blue in real life. This is Peruvian Highland Silk in Alpine Violet, from 80% wool, 20% silk, dk weight , 122 yds per ball. I have a full bag of this. What shall I make with it? I don't think I have enough to make a sweater that will cover my ample... charms. I thought about maybe buying a few balls of a coordinating color and winding up with a sweater's worth, but it looks like Elann actually discontinued this yarn--I can't find it on their site anymore. I'll think of something, I'm sure!

Have a happy weekend, everyone.

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fragglesmurf said...

mmm...yarn. I bought 2 balls of mohair. The only problem is that they are pink, but they are soft and fuzzy. Oh and they were a dollar each at Big Lots. That's right, I bought more fuzzy yarn for a dollar.