Tuesday, January 22, 2008


What KnitPicks order?

In front, we have 2 colors of Essentials sock yarn, then 5 colors of Gloss sock yarn (wool and silk!), and in the center back, 4 skeins of laceweight merino in Redwood, a pretty heathered reddish brown.

Someone please take my debit card away from me before I have more yarn accidents...


Barbara said...

Mmm, yarn. Love the lace weight color. Now quit buying it until you've knit some up. I keep telling myself the same thing.

I'm 2 inches from doing the toe of Second sock. Squee!

Ann said...

Yes, Mother. *hangs head*

I'm seriously going to go on a yarn diet, though. I do not need to be spending money on more yarn I don't have time to play with right now!

Hooray for second toes! Hooray for Sock-Knittin' Mom!