Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday FO

Last night after Second Work I finished binding off the latest incarnation of my Calorimetry obsession.

(Wow, my nose looks really long in that picture. Is my nose really that long?) Anyway, my new Calorimetry matches the red gloves I made to wear with my dress coat. Now I just need a scarf (or some sort of neckwarmer) and I'll have a full matching winterwear set! Good thing I have some more red wool at home.

I did a little better with the sewn bindoff on this version of Calorimetry. The last two were too loose, which led to the extreme curve you saw in the floor picture of Calorimetry 2. The solid yarn isn't nearly as charming as the SWS, though. For my next one (what?) I'll try a variegated yarn.

I'm also making decent progress on my second sock.

It's not going quite as quickly as the first one did, but then, last time I had entire days to work on it uninterrupted.

I pulled it out to squeeze in a few stitches while we mere employees were waiting for the manager to be ready to leave Second Work last night. The one guy who was there looked at me, incredulous, then said, "Hello, mother." I flipped him off and informed him that I was working on the coolest socks in the effing world. (It was late. I was tired and my internal censor had already gone to sleep.) He continued to look skeptical, but the other woman who was there was quite impressed. I just can't get over the amazing awesomeness of these socks! The pattern is fantastically cool, and I'm shocked that I'm pulling it off so successfully.

At least my coworkers at First Work appreciate my knitting. Look what a friend and coworker gave me for Christmas!



Abby&David said...
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Abby&David said...

Sorry for my deleted comment, I put it on the wrong post.

By the way, those socks are as fine as a new mainsail for my sloop, matey! Yarrr!

Barbara said...

No, your nose isn't that long. (Were you having a Pinocchio moment?) Cool red head thing-y. Can't wait to see the next one! (I nearly bought some SWS at Michael's but I resisted. Not that I resisted buying any yarn, I just didn't buy any to make a Calorimetry.) Excellent sock part.