Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Calorimetry 2, More Sock

I took a few pictures of Calorimetry 2 this morning.

That one was the best. See what I mean about the crazy perfect symmetry? It was unintentional. Mmm, creepy eye-looking headband thing, how I love you! And I love the red one I cast on last night, too.

I also took a few pictures of the Pirate Sock on my foot. (I can't put this thing away! It is the coolest sock ever. This might be my new standard sock pattern. Henceforth, all socks shall be pirate socks! Okay, probably not.)

It's difficult to aim a camera accurately at the front of your own foot. It took a few tries. I'm just relieved that the skulls still look like skulls when they're stretched out! (Ignore the blinding white of my skin. My parents wasted all the skin pigment genes on my older brother.)

And here's a slightly darker side view, with a bit of the contrasting heel visible. Ooh, so sinister!

With my shapely ankles and calves, I think this is about as long as I can go, cuff-wise, without adding calf shaping. This sock is longer than any of my previous socks--and I like them longer. I keep tugging at the shorter ones.

I'm obviously still completely, madly in love with these two patterns--I give myself until January 1 to go nuts on selfish knitting, then it's time to get a little discipline back and finish Abby's Afghan (which I have made a little progress on) and make the Second Ho. It's important to let yourself go a little nuts every once in a while.


robyn said...

I love the socks!!!

BTW- thank you for the cup-a-cakes, they really made my day.

Ann said...

You're welcome, Robyn!

Barbara said...

Okay, the eye thing is creepy. I'd be afraid to put it on my head. Cool, but creepy.

The sock. I am speechless. It is a work of incredible beauty and coolness. Wow.

Two-thirds of a mitt and I'm done gift knitting, I swear. Then it's selfish knitting all the way, baby.

Abby&David said...

Hey Ann,
Sorry I got all the skin pigment. I'd send you some if I could.