Monday, December 17, 2007

Second Post: Good Day

Oh, Internet Shopping, how I love you! Without you, the mailman would not have brought me this today:

This yarn, which so perfectly matches the one skein of Regia Bamboo I bought the last time I placed an order, foolishly not considering that I would probably need two!

Without you, I wouldn't have this, either:

Pretty, beachy, lovely yarn, with which I intend to make these. As soon as I finish the second Pirate Sock, which should be later tonight. Tomorrow at the latest.

Yarn, good news at work... a girl can't ask for much more in a day.


Barbara said...

Ooh, pretty yarn. It looks like some on the Wall 'o Values at Loops & Links. Maybe you can show me how to knit socks when you're home? Did I say that?

Ann said...

We could probably work on some socks. They're not harder than gloves, you know. :)