Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Hmm, I'm not doing very well with posting more often, am I?

Well, at least I've got some pictures to show!

Here are the Selfish Gloves, in all their glory. They are cleverly staged so it's not completely obvious that I fell into a black hole when I was working on the left thumb, and my escape velocity was so great that the thumb is nearly an inch too long, which I didn't notice until after I had woven in the ends and painted the palms and fingers (because I'm not very bright). (Lousy, stinkin' karmic retribution! Don't worry, karma, I'll get right back to my gift knitting. Promise.) They're red! Pretty!

I wore the red gloves in the holiday parade last Saturday, walking with AIDS Volunteers of Lexington. It was cold that day, so I needed a hat, too.

It's a twisted rib hat, double-stranded worsted on US 17 needles. I made it in just one day, so karma didn't feel compelled to punish me for more selfish knitting. (Unless you count the way the seam looks, since the hat is knitted flat and I'm too ashamed to show the picture of the back. But I think that I'm probably just really bad at finishing.)

Finally, a picture of the Tiny Bootie of Enormous Cuteness.

(One Hour Baby Booties, from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation) It still doesn't have a mate (or the little strap that it's supposed to have), but look how cute!

And now, like a good and dutiful person, I am back to gift knitting/crocheting.

Except for that one sock I started for myself. (Don't tell karma.)


Barbara said...

Pretty knitting! Red! Pretty! I see that one of the thumbs is slightly longer than the other one. I hate when you knit and knit and get nowhere and then suddenly you're way too far. Arrrgh.

Nice hat. No karmic debt there since it was to wear in a parade and you were marching with the AIDS awareness people.

Wow, that is a tiny bootie. Maybe it's supposed to be an ornament?

Love you and your knitting!

Barbara said...

Did you cast on that red and black skull sock? You devil! Can't wait to see it. I'm not going to cast on a Himalayan silk hat when it get to Patti's in about 15 minutes either.