Friday, November 30, 2007


Last night I did something I haven't done in a while: I sat on my butt, in my apartment, all by myself, doing whatever the hell I felt like doing. (Ahhh! So much better than going to Second Work!)

What did I feel like doing? Knitting. Knitting a teeny, tiny, adorable baby bootie. *Melts* Bootie! Yep, just one, because it's so teeny and tiny that I'm not convinced it will fit on an actual human foot, no matter how new said foot might be. (I also neglected to photograph the teeny, tiny bootie. Oops! It's small and red--use your imagination!)

After I made a teeny, tiny bootie (so cute!) I worked on the Selfish Gloves. I felt entitled to work on them because of finishing the Gift Wrap. I also neglected to photograph the Selfish Gloves. They're red, too, but not so teeny; more adult hand-sized, really. Did I manage to finish them last night? Will I be wearing them in the parade tomorrow? Will I be waving a hand covered with a half-finished glove and several dangerous DPNs around?

Um. I'm not sure why I was building suspense there. Not even I really care about the suspense. I did finish the gloves last night, and I finished weaving ends this morning before work. Tonight before Second Work I plan to desecrate the knitwear with dots of fabric paint, so I'll be able to grip the steering wheel, and once that dries my gloves will truly be done. Hooray! [Um, obviously I won't be gripping the steering wheel until after the paint dries. Sorry about the dangling modifier.]

One more Christmas present to finish, then it's back to wedding stuff. I'm excited that Brother David and Future SIL Abby will be home at Christmas; this way, I don't have to risk the First Ho in the mail, and I get to see his reaction in person. (And it had better be good!)


Barbara said...

You're going to be in a parade? And whose tiny foot are you making booties for? Anything you want to tell Mama?

Ann said...

I'm going to walk with AIDS Volunteers of Lexington in the holiday parade. :) And I'm knitting booties for random babies--one of the knitters just had a baby, and Amanda is knocked up... I want to knit baby things, they're cute!