Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The News

I had a lovely visit with my doctor this morning. In addition to the hand thing, one of my knees has been bothering me, so I asked about that as well. It turned out that she was far more concerned about my knee, and we spent most of the visit talking about that. So now I have physical therapy, exercises, stretches, and a heel lift. To treat my knee. When I asked my doctor about the hand, she was surprisingly dismissive: "Oh, that's just the beginning of carpal tunnel," she told me. ("Just." Right.) I protested, "But The Internet told me that in the early stages carpal tunnel affects these fingers [I pointed], but I'm having issues with these fingers [I pointed to other fingers]. And The Blog told me that it's probably an ulnar nerve compression." She was unmoved, and sent me on my way. To physical therapy for my knee. I think that when I go in next week I'll ask my physical therapist about my hand, and in the meantime try to keep my arm straight as much as possible and not rest my elbow on stuff, which is how The Internet tells me to treat ulnar nerve compression.

Anyway. I gave up on the not-knitting thing, as it didn't really seem to aggravate my hand very much, and resting it wasn't helping. So I got started on Dad's Christmas present. No details until I find out if my dad secretly reads my blog. Sorry!

I also got a bit farther on the Dublin Bay socks I'm making.

Earlier today it was about an inch longer than this picture shows. Then I stopped to admire my handiwork and realized that I had missed a YO, which had the result of shifting my lace panel noticeably to the left. So I ripped out to the part where I had messed up, then had the fun of putting my stitches back on the needles, dropping one or two in the process. I did manage to pick them back up again, though--hooray!

I'm looking forward to Stitch N Bitch tonight. I've missed the last few--stupid part time job! Oh, well. Tonight--knitting!


Barbara said...

Sounds like an episode of some soap opera entitled "But This is What I Came For." Psht! Carpal Tunnel's no big deal, says the doc. Bad knee bad. Is that the same knee you wore a brace on in high school? I can't tell you if Dad secretly reads your blog. Sorry. I fell victim to JoAnn's sale yarn bins again, but only 4 skeins worth. Can't show it, though, it's a secret. Shhhh. As soon as Holly gets here, delivers your bridesmaid dress, and I admire it enough, I'm off to Patti's to get another skein of Cascade 220 in black for my tote and to spend an hour or so knitting with the girls in the kitchen. Oh boy! Have fun tonight.

Barbara said...

Oh, and good idea to ask the therapist about your numb fingers.

Ann said...

Ooh, it's too easy to fall victim to JoAnn's sale bins. Or anyone's sale bins, if you're me. Good job for only buying 4!

Kim Colley said...

We are The Internet. You shall be assimilated!

Katie said...

what did they say is wrong with your knee?

I'd definitely check with the PT about your hand. they don't mind that kind of thing since you're there already.

Ann said...

Katie, I have very minor scoliosis, which causes an alignment problem that's causing my gait to be just slightly off, so I have exercises and stuff to try to correct my alignment and hence, make my knee stop hurting. It should be feeling better in a week or two. :)