Friday, November 9, 2007


I'm halfway done with the knitting portion of my dad's Christmas present! Hooray! I still haven't determined whether or not he secretly reads my blog--I'm thinking not, because I think he would have 'fessed up, but asking him would probably tip my hand, and the next thing you know, he'd be all over it. So, to sum up: no pictures, still. There are some on Ravelry, for the Ravelry-able. I'm willing to e-mail pictures to the non-Ravelry-able, on request.

The thing is... I'm halfway done because I spent all day knitting yesterday. I called in sick to work, and again today--I think I've got the flu. If not The Flu, it's definitely something flu-like. So I've been just sitting on the couch, keeping hydrated and trying not to move too much. This is what happens when you start a retail job during flu season.

A four-day weekend would be much more fun if it didn't involve illness.


Barbara said...

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry you're sick. But I'm glad you're staying home to give yourself a chance to get better. I'd love to come over (in gloves and a mask) and take your temperature and make you soup and OJ with 7-Up. I'll go check Ravelry for progress pix.

Consider yourself hugged. (())
Love, Mom

Ann said...

Don't worry, Mom, I'm hanging in there. I may even make it to the 2nd job tomorrow. :)
Hugs back!

Abby&David said...

Hey Ann,
I'm sorry that you're not feeling well. Keep off your feet and drink lots of fluids. I'll give you a jingle on Sun morning.