Monday, November 19, 2007

Hats, and Oops(es)

Every Christmas, my office "adopts" a family through Circle of Love. This year our family has three children--twin 9-year-old boys, and a 6-year-old girl. The boys love the outdoors and list their favorite color as "camouflage." So I got the bright idea to crochet hats for them (and for their sister, so everyone's head will stay warm). Bernat even has camouflage yarn! I pulled out the Easy Crocheted Hat pattern Mom gave me, and voila!

Um, wait--that's not very camouflage. That's actually kind of stripey. Let's try that again.

Now that's what I'm talking about! Oh, the magic of substituting 2 rounds of hdc for a round of dc! I had enough yarn to make 2 hats, so the stripey one can go to another charity.

Because Bernat has several colorways of camouflage, I was able to make the second boy's hat similar, but still different. I figure that twins have a lot of the same things, this way they'll be able to tell their hats apart.

Hmm, that picture looks way too dark on my screen. It's two shades of green, dark brown, and black, and looks very nice. Better than the other ones, I think.

Finally, for the girl I was at a bit of a loss--she didn't give a favorite activity or color. But Bernat had the answer...

Pink camouflage! The above picture was taken before my physical therapy appointment. Below is a picture taken after my appointment--more specifically, after a waiting room visit. It's amazing what you can get done when you're early for an appointment and your doctor is late!

I'm much less concerned about the striping in this hat--I have a feeling that even if it wasn't striping it still wouldn't look like camouflage. I'm not even sure if the girl likes camouflage, so the striping might even be better. I've only got about 4 more rounds before I'm done with this one--yay! I'll take a picture of it on the head once I finish.

Yesterday was Stitch 'n' Bitch at ReBelle, and I made nice progress on Grandma's Gift Wrap. Except for the part that I screwed up. I keep saying that I'm going to fix these damn errors as soon as I notice them instead of knitting on in denial, but what did I do? I noticed the error and knit 10 more rows before accepting that I need to go back and fix it, instead of just biting the bullet and ripping out 2 or 3 rows. 10 more 114-stitch rows, for a total of 12 or 13. Argh! I was just so excited about being nearly done... See, I finally passed the 60-inch mark! (Well, that's counting the 10 rows I have to rip out. Crap.) So here's the plan: Tomorrow night I'm going to take the wrap with me to SnB and rip out what I need to rip (if I can't work up the courage to do it tonight). Then I'm going to redo that white stripe, plus the next (teal) stripe. By the end of tomorrow I will be done with the teal stripe. After that, I'm doing one more repeat (white, purple, white, teal)--and then I'm binding off, wrapping the damn thing in tissue, putting it in a box, and wrapping it up. After I take about a zillion pictures of it.

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Barbara said...

Love the hats! Even the pink one, which I agree is not very camo, but it's cute. Yay! on nearly being done with the Wrap. Boo! on knitting on after a glaring error and having to frog so much more.