Wednesday, November 7, 2007


It was nice to get back to Stitch n Bitch last night. The Knitters: they're good people. Company and conversation really make it more fun to work on projects you're bored with or just ready to be done with, like a second sock.

Check it out, I'm more than halfway done with the cuff! I should have taken Grandma's Gift Wrap with me--it's harder to take to work for breaktime knitting because it's so much larger--but I was so excited for SnB last night that I actually drove off without my knitting! I didn't make it far before I realized that I was missing something, but I was so amused/annoyed with myself that I didn't give much thought to which project I was grabbing. Oh, well. Progress is progress.

Last night we had several treats: Leah brought key lime pie to celebrate her birthday, and Kaye brought pumpkin cheesecake that made me regret not liking cheesecake. The highlight of the evening was when Sarabeth served as lector for a chapter's worth of purple prose. We especially enjoyed the passage about the nurse who was like a buffalo in a field of butterflies--and this was someone the narrator liked! I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

I realized this morning that I need to make myself another pair of gloves--my current gloves are navy, but my dress coat is black! That will never do. So, I guess I know what I'm making after I finish three Christmas projects, and afghan, and a ho! (Maybe they'll be done in time for next winter...)


Barbara said...

Someone's reading you a story while you knit? That is so awesome. I wish someone would read to me of nurses like buffalo in fields of butterflies. How poetic is that? I have Jim Dale to read HP to me. Next I'm going to try an O'Brian, and then I've got a Sedaris to listen to at holiday time.

Ann said...

It was pretty awesome. But the problem with it is that someone has to give up knitting time to read!