Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

This is something I haven't experienced since high school: a snow day! I've had weather delays, in college and in my working life, but never a whole day off. We had a partial snow day yesterday, because we had a mini ice storm. (I say "mini" because it didn't reach the epic proportions of the one six years ago in Lexington, where most of the city's power was out for a week, and because I didn't see a single downed tree.) It continued to rain/snow overnight, and the temperature is hovering right around freezing, and it's snowing--it's the perfect recipe for ice over snow over ice, so the university's president (in all his wisdom) closed the whole shebang for the day. Yeehaw!

It's currently ten minutes to noon and I'm still in my pjs.

I think I'll spend the day watching bad movies and knitting. I might get wild and crazy and make myself a hot toddy--just to ward off the chill, you understand.


Aaron said...

Wow. UK closed? That's like a once-per-decade event.

We don't get snow days here in Alaska. Just days with snow.

Actually, I think they cancel school occasionally when the buses have a hard time running, but I'm pretty much always going to have to go to work.

Enjoy it!

Barbara said...

Oh, man, I'm jealous. Lucky you. I never get snow days. I definitely think a hot toddy is called for. Preventative medicine, you know.