Sunday, January 4, 2009


I would like to present my first sweater!

Yes, there are lines on the front because I had it folded. Ignore those, please, and focus on the pretty! The sleeves fit me! The length is reasonable! It goes around my torso exactly once! All of the pieces are attached to the other pieces! It's warm and fuzzy and cute and I made it!

I might have to wear this every day for the next year or so, just so you know.

Now, on to other matters.

I resist making New Year's Resolutions because it just seems like making them would be setting myself up for failure. However, I have been thinking about making some goals for myself, and this seems like a good opportunity to record them for posterity. (Goals are nice because, if you're not doing so well, you can redouble your efforts without feeling too guilty. Not like a resolution--those are much firmer and more serious, and breaking them leads to serious guilt and self-recrimination, which are no fun unless you're Catholic. [Just kidding, Mom!])
  1. Knit more from my stash rather than buying new yarn. A large subset of this goal is to whittle down the sock yarn stash. I can do this by knitting more socks, and by making things like scarves and wraps from the sock yarn I already have. Added benefit: more handknits to wear!
  2. Eat out for dinner no more than once a week. This will be good for my pocketbook as well as my waistline, with the added benefit of making me feel more settled. I will have leftovers to take to work for lunch this way, too, which will be nice.
  3. Try to keep my house tidier.
  4. Be more social. Go to SnB at least once a week, and hang out with the non-profit crowd more. Host a dinner party.
  5. Try to be more active. Deliberately exercise, even if it's only for a few minutes every day. Work up to longer time periods and a habitual workout.
  6. Increase savings so I have a comfortable cushion, just in case.
That about covers it, I think. Nothing too onerous, but a several of them involve breaking habits or forming new ones, which is always a challenge. But hey, if I can make a whole sweater, I can do anything!


Renee said...

Great job on the sweater!

Katie said...

like I told you looks fabulous!

robyn said...

Nice work on the sweater; I can wait to see your next one. Maybe you could make one of those crazy scrap sweaters out of your sock yarn then you can meet your goal and give your current sweater a day or two off. :)

Aaron said...

I like your goals. They all sound like really good goals.

I'm impressed.

Barbara said...

Yay, sweater! I love it, it looks wonderful on you. So pretty.

I like your definition of goal vs. resolution, and your goals sound very familiar to the thoughts that have been dogging me for the last week or month.

Love you, Mom