Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I've been poking around some new blogs lately, and I realized something today. Most knitters--actually, I should probably say most knit bloggers--are firmly convinced that they are the dorkiest person on the planet.

I love this. We have a dorky hobby, and we love it so much we are absolute dorks about it. We are dorks when we meet famous knitters, when we run across some fabulous yarn that we can't live without, when we accomplish something that intimidated us. A kingdom of dorks--if not unashamed, then at least open about it.

We are a disparate community united by a common dorkiness.

Feeling like dorks tells me that we have a childlike joy in this. And it makes me feel good to have a hobby that can inspire that feeling--in me, and in so many other people.

Thus endeth Ann's Philosophical Musings. Go forth and be dorks.


Barbara said...

Thanks for the permission but I think it's too late. Dorks of the world, cast on!

Excellent musings.

robyn said...

Whatever, I am awesome!!! ;)

Abby&David said...

I've been poking around some kilt forums as I've been thinking about making my own casual kilt. I saw a post from someone who learned to knit to make kilt hose. He was all excited that he met the Yarn Harlot and was kilted at her appearance. Sometimes our dorkiness overlaps!

Barbara said...

Oh, hey, I saw that guy on one of the Yarn Harlot's blog entries. He'd made his sweater too. She was very impressed. Dorks of the world, unite.