Monday, May 5, 2008


Check it out--I finished my bolero!

Not too bad, for bad knitting. It even looks cute on me. It's a bit bigger than I had envisioned. I mean, I made the side that corresponds to my bust size, and if it was the kind of sweater that fastened all the way down the front, it would be perfect. However, what I foolishly didn't really think about when I started was that I wanted it to be a bit smaller--so that it would be a little form-fitting and not quite close in front. Oh, well. I'm happy with it. Everyone at Aaron's graduation party liked it, too. It'll be perfect to wear to one (or more, if it's chilly!) of the wedding events.

I also finished Abby's Afghan! I'll post a picture on Ravelry. Abby, you'll have to wait! I want it to be a little bit of a surprise.

I remembered that I was making a turtle as a big sister gift for one of the siblings of the forthcoming babies I'm also knitting for.

There wasn't much left to do. A few limbs, a head and tail, and a belly.

I love this guy. He's completely adorable. And I know that there are a few pervs out there just aching to get a glimpse of his undercarriage, so for them (you know who you are), here's a little turtle pr0n.


Finally, I started a pair of toe-up anklets to use a little skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn that came as a free gift with some of my Sockotta.

It's orange. It's really orange. I find myself grateful that I only got 180-some yards of it. It's nice and soft, though, and someday I might have to buy some in a better color. For now, this will make a nice pair of little house socks.

So, you can see, even though I've been a slacker knit blogger recently, there is knitting going on. And even though some of it is "bad," it doesn't suck. I might have to make another turtle one of these days...


Katie said...

must go check out your ravelry picture of the afghan.

definitely must do lunch/dinner/something if it will be another month. I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to do a movie or something sometime.

the undercarriage of that turtle is HOT.

I totally dig the really orange socks. but I'm big into orange.

trixigrrl said...

i must warn you, about the cherry tree hill yarn, whatever it may say to the contrary, it is NOT superwash. don't fall for it, unless you have a friend with feet three sizes smaller than you that would love some slightly thick orange socks.

Ann said...

Thanks for the tip! I tend to toss all of my knitted socks into the washer and dryer. I'll have to start keeping notes about which ones are hand-wash!

I suddenly realized that I've had a drastic change in attitude. Before I started knitting socks, the idea of "hand-wash only socks" would have been completely absurd to me.

Barbara said...

Ooh, love the bolero! Wow, you really zoomed it out. It's so cute, can't wait to see it on you. One more week! Not bad knitting, good knitting, knitting good.

Nice turtle. I will say that I am not one of those panting to ogle the underside. Nope, not me.

Very orange socks. Hmmm. Orange. Beware of dive bombing orioles.

To prove that spring has really arrived, Dad saw the first hummingbird at the feeder this morning and an oriole in the honeysuckle. Yay!