Monday, May 19, 2008

Long and Picture-Heavy

Wow--almost two weeks since I posted. The time has flown by so fast! There's been a lot going on.

Here's what I've been up to.

When attempting to dry a large sock, you can wind up with an interesting mark on your towel.

Dolphins are a surprisingly quick knit. This one is about the length of a ballpoint pen, and took just over one evening.

I bought some pretty new yarn. It has silver in it--that's why it sparkles.

My brother looks very good in a skirt.

And his legs look very good in custom hand knit socks. (I love the shoes, too.)

He even looks good from the back.

Even after a very long day, my new sister-in-law is lovely.

And she seems to like my brother a lot. Bonus!

My mom and grandmother are very pretty, and my little(!) cousin is a very handsome young man. I even got him to dance with me a few times!

My dad looks very sharp in a tux and bow tie.

My brother's friends are extremely good sports. They prove this by wearing kilts, and not complaining.

Some seem to enjoy it more than others.

U.S. Army veterans waiting to stand up in a buddy's wedding ceremony, or marauding highlanders about to launch a daring raid on a plate of scones? You decide.

This is the wedding cake--a creative and elegant solution to the problem of "one cake, many people."

Here we have the opposite problem--one Dude of Honor, many cakes.

And, in an interesting twist of fate, the Dude of Honor kisses my dad--for $60.

David takes a swig from his flask to wash that image out of his head.

A wonderful day ended with a wonderful dance. Don't my parents look happy?

There was so much more that I forgot to take pictures of! The wedding was beautiful, all of the surrounding events were wonderful, and I think everyone who was involved is ready to sleep for about a week. I'm glad I get a few more days at home before I have to take a long drive again!


Barbara said...

Nice, Ann. I'll be posting pics of you in your finery tomorrow.

Love, Mom

Abby&David said...

Sorry for the bad face in the pic of me in my kilt! Yikes.