Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Night

May I just say that, if you have 36 hours to kill, I feel strongly that you shouldn't spend 16 of them driving. That's just too many.

I am very sleepy. As soon as this is posted, I'm going to bed.

I found myself in Kent, Ohio, today, and on the Kent State campus I saw some lovely knit graffiti--a tree sweater, covering probably 3 feet of trunk. It was fun and unexpected, and if I'd had my camera with me, I would have taken a picture.

I also saw several women knitting at a nearby table when I was at lunch, and then discovered that the son of my gracious host is a knitter!

Yep, I can find yarn and knitters just about anywhere. Even during a whirlwind visit to a town of 27,000.

While I was visiting the family, I did very little knitting. This is due in large part to how crammed my schedule was, and in small part to my shiny new crafting obsession.

Crocheting delicate lacy edging on handkerchiefs.

Unfortunately, delicate little ladies' hankies are surprisingly expensive and shockingly difficult to find. Despite my initial optimism, I've had to give up on my brilliant idea of using cheaper, more readily available men's hankies.

They're freakin' huge. Acres and acres of white cotton. Far too much ground to cover with my little size 8 steel hook.

As luck would have it, I did manage to obtain some ladies' hankies (at great expense).

I didn't embroider the rose on it--it came pre-embroidered. My main requirement in hanky-buying was that they be small. I anticipate the edging on the second one will look better after washing--my picots in particular. I love the sparkly crochet thread, though. I may have to buy more, but first I need to examine what's already in my stash. Looks like I've found a use for the crochet thread that came in my Elmore-Pisgah surprise bags! I've got another hanky in the works, and I might work on that some tomorrow. Or I might sleep all day.

I'm still undecided.

Oh, and before I go to bed, I have to show off my wedding injury. During photo-taking, Abby asked for her shawl, and as I ran inside to get it, I ran into a banister. Not particularly hard, mind you--just a glancing blow.

This is the result, several days later. (Interestingly, it's vaguely Kentucky-shaped.) Even now, after almost a week, it still pretty much looks like that. As I told my mother--I wouldn't have minded having such fair, delicate skin if I wasn't so damn clumsy!

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Barbara said...

Beeyouteafull hanky edging--in person and from far away.

And you're welcome for the delicate skin that bruises easily and for your clumsiness. Hey, I gave you ballet lessons; it's not my fault they didn't take!

I'm off to The Clearing in about an hour. Talk to you next week.

Love, Mom