Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Can't Take a Hint

I should have known, when I got to work today and saw this lolcat

and really related to it, that perhaps today would be a good day to go home and go back to bed.

It started with a project I'm working on that involves burning image files to DVDs. I've done this dozens of times before and never had a problem, but for some reason it just wasn't working today. It took me all morning and several DVDs destroyed in frustration before I realized that the settings were telling my computer to burn files to the wrong drive. D'oh! I was convinced I had faulty DVDs. It seems to be working just fine now...

I decided to cheer myself up with some fun lunchtime knitting. The pattern today on the free daily pattern site I like is awesome. And I thought it would be a perfect thing to do at lunch. My only stumbling block was my lack of needles and yarn. But I had a plan.

On the left is the cursed ball of red Sockotta. In the center is a coil of yarn that was frogged and then wrapped around the ball. On the right is the Cursed Sock/Armwarmer-to-be, threaded onto a length of its own yarn. My brilliant plan was to knit from the outside of the ball on my newly-freed DPNs.

I have to give myself a little credit; I didn't even cast on before I realized how idiotic this plan was. What's a girl to do?

A girl is to drive to ReBelle, that's what, because it's closer to her office than her apartment is. A girl is throw her plan not to buy more sock yarn right out the window and also pick up some 40" US 0 circs. And a girl is to do this:

..and realize, after casting on and knitting 4 rounds, that it's time to work again, and she won't get to knit on it anymore until she goes home for the evening--to her apartment, where she has mountains of sock yarn.

I cannot brain today. I have the dumb. Is it 5:00 yet?


Barbara said...

Yeah, there's a lot of that going around. I fully intend to buy yarn at Patti's on Thursday if there's anything remotely like I want. I feel partially at fault for your yarn accident since I called to tell you about the pattern. Sorry.

Ann said...

Don't worry, Mom--I had already seen the pattern and gotten the bug. It's my own fault!

Barbara said...

I must confess I'm tempted to cast them on, they're so cool. But I'm still not working on sock #1 of the Filatura di Crosa and am not motivated to start up again. Maybe I'll just print out the pattern and look at it a while.

My verification word is: qermgykh. That's kind of how I feel today.