Monday, July 7, 2008

Fabulous New Hair

I can't knit right now--I'm too busy running my fingers through the glory that is my new hairstyle.

I haven't had an actual style since, oh, I don't know... 2002? So it doesn't look nearly as good in this picture as it did on Saturday, when it was styled by someone who actually knew what he was doing. All the same, I'm madly in love with it. And I will get the hang of styling it sooner or later! (I will also get the hang of allowing the hair on my left side to hang a little bit in my face. It's not supposed to have the weird swoop over my forehead--it's supposed to fall in a graceful line.)

For those who don't know me in real life, as of Saturday morning my hair was very straight, all one length, and roughly down the the middle of my back. Now I have layers! And body! And even a teensy bit of volume!

A big thank-you goes to Tim, who took my vague instructions ("Cut a bunch of hair off and give me a fun but not-too-labor-intensive or product-heavy style, and leave at least as long as my chin, please") and gave me something beautiful.


Katie said...

it looks fantastic Ann! wooo for a new haircut. note to self: go to whoever cut Ann's hair for next haircut.

Barbara said...

Wow, Ann, your hair looks terrific! So pretty. I love it. It really frames your face.

Samara said...

You look older in that picture. I think it is a good thing. CHEERS to good hair!

Renee said...

super cute!!

Allison said...

So cute on you! I bet it feels great! Just don't give yourself whiplash practicing your hair toss (trust me, it hurts).