Friday, July 11, 2008

She Knits!

Ta da!

Behold, completed blaze-orange Oriole Socklets! The next time I go deer hunting nude, I'm wearing these babies to keep me safe.

I've also been enjoying the Magical World of Lace.

Just 5 more repeats of Chart B (I'm done with 1), then it's on to Chart C and after that, Finished Lace! This isn't a very difficult pattern, thank goodness, but those 83-stitch rows seem to go pretty slowly. I feel like I should be zipping along, given the width of the scarf, but that fine yarn will get you every time. I'm still really enjoying it, though.

And I'm making a little progress on the socks I started earlier this week.

It's not that blurry in real life.

That's also not the yarn I bought at ReBelle the other day. When I got home and realized that I had the exact yarn the pattern called for (although in a different color), I was so tickled that I had to use it. It's not often I use the specified yarn for any particular pattern!

I'm a very silly girl.


Barbara said...

Wow, she does knit! The vision of you deer hunting nude is, well, a little frightening. Don't do it.

I'm jealous of your lace. No casting on for me until the sweater parts are all done, I decided, because I'm afraid if I start the lace I won't stop and will have neither sweater nor lace scarf to take to The Clearing.

Cool sock toe. Can't wait to see more.

Katie said...

it all looks so lovely! the lace is gorgeous!

Harpy Clio / PinkandChocolateBrown said...

Are those adorable fabric-covered sock blockers I see?

Ann said...

Nope, Allison, those are ugly hard plastic placemat sock blockers! Good guess, though.