Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This week I decided to go back to an old project: my Perfect Sweater. As you can see from that entry, I cast on for it in mid-February. It appears that the last time I mentioned it was on April 2. That would also be the last time I knit on it. It continues to misbehave; it was in time-out for misleading gauge. I measured the armholes when I pulled it out of my bag: 7.25 inches. I needed to get to 8.75. I knit two rows, measured again out of impatience and distrust, and it was 9 inches. I swore at it a little, then decided to take what I could get and went ahead and did the shoulder shaping. And now, I have a sweater back!

I'm ignoring the fact that there's a definite line where I left off and picked back up. It's the back, and the line is high up. If I decide it really bothers me, I can always adjust the stitches later. I even cast on the front right away! At SnB tonight I got into the waist shaping. Good progress. I might actually finish this thing by Christmas!

I've also worked some on my Magic Mirror Socks. I'm about halfway through Chart B, and according to the designer, the heel should start after this chart. The designer also said that the pattern was "stretchy." Any forebodings out there? Any thoughts on what might be coming next?

I am nowhere near ready for the heel. I anticipate going through Chart A again before I start heeling. Also, it's tight. Not so tight that it doesn't fit, but definitely not what I would call stretchy. She says "snug," too--that's more accurate. She claims that the foot looks large when you're knitting it--nope. Doesn't look large to me.

I'm not trying to get down on the designer or the pattern, really. I still plan to finish them, I still love the way her finished socks look. I'm just frustrated that I'm using the right needles and the right yarn and am getting something that doesn't seem to be working out the way it's supposed to. Apparently, I'm the tightest knitter in the world.

I'm making slow progress on my Seascape Stole. I think I've done 4 rows more; not worth photographing. And I decided to wait on my birthday present--the Creatures of the Reef shawl--until I finish Seascape. I want to successfully finish a laceweight project before I jump in!


Barbara said...

Very pretty sweater back. Yay! Can't wait to see more sweater parts in days/weeks to come.

I'm working my way to the last armpit on the last Red Licorice piece. Maybe we can have Dad take a picture of us in our first sweaters when we get them done--and are in the same state.

Love you, Mom

Samara said...

you fail blog.