Friday, June 13, 2008


The cure for the "I didn't get the job" blues?

Lace knitting.

I'm about 12 rows into it, and so far things are going well. Winding the yarn into a ball almost killed me, though--I need to check my mad money level and see how close I am to buying a swift. It didn't help that the yarn was slightly felted in places in the hank. I ended up doing way more work with my left arm than I would have liked to.

Anyway, I'm using the laceweight I picked up in the last SnB free-for-all. It's shades of russet with a little bit of silvery grey. I'm hoping that the color changes aren't so drastic that the pattern gets lost. It's looking fine so far--phew!

I don't have pictures today; maybe tomorrow.


Barbara said...

I looked at that pattern too for the mohair-y yarn I got at Loops & Links last time you were home. You wouldn't mind, would you, if we were knitting the same thing? I promise not to start it until I've got the baby hoodie done.

Ann said...

I wouldn't mind at all, Mom. Are you kidding? We've made gloves, mittens, and elves at the same time before! Plus, my yarn isn't mohair-y, so it's not like they'll be completely identical.

Love you.

Hot Baby Disco said...

I want to do that shrug too but I've never done lace knitting. Your hankies make me so jealous because I'm all about details. I've been with the SnB for, what, five years now? And I've barely moved out of dishcloths. Sigh.

Ann said...

It looks like this is a pretty easy lace pattern--all the WS rows are purl, and it's symmetrical and repetitive. I'm sure you could do it. You've got the skills you need to move past dishcloths--give it a shot! You can always frog if it's a disaster--not that it will be. :)