Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Musings

After spending the weekend of David's wedding pretty much wearing nothing but dresses, I decided that I wanted to be the sort of woman who wears dresses a lot. I've been tired of my current wardrobe for a while, and dresses seemed like an excellent solution: different, comfortable, work-appropriate, and cost effective--one garment, rather than a new top and new pants/skirt. Not to mention the fact that swirly skirts bring out the six-year-old girl in me and make me feel like a princess.

So I went and bought half a dozen new dresses, which I've been liberally sprinkling into my wardrobe for the last two weeks. I've gotten a lot of compliments--even (or perhaps especially) on the red dress that someone *coughSamaracough* told me was too much red. So this morning I started wondering: is it that I just look incredibly fabulous in dresses, or were my coworkers as sick of my wardrobe as I was? I mean, I've spent the last four years basically in a uniform: black pants and button-down shirt. I've always thought that was a good look for me. It's professional, it's classic, it's flattering, there's a lot of variation available in button-down shirts. In short, it's safe. Now I'm branching out, and I've noticed a decided difference in my mood. I feel more energetic and more confident. (Two weeks of compliments will do that to a girl.) It feels really nice.

On the crafting front, I haven't been doing a lot. I've done pretty much no knitting since Monday, when I got to the halfway point on my wombat's body. (That sounds kind of gross.) I've been doing some crocheting, though--working on the next hanky (purple variegated crochet thread!) and edging afghan squares. I took a frantic e-mail poll this week, and it looks like all of the squares will be done in time for the sewing-up party tomorrow night. Hooray! I went to Liquor Barn the other night to get snacks and wine, and left with four bottles of wine, three kinds of cheese, and three kinds of cookies. (One of the bottles was for my personal use.) I spent way more money than I meant to, but I'm totally excited. I just hope enough people come to the party to justify the amount of food I bought! If not, I guess there'll just be more cheese for me.


Barbara said...

Feeling good = looking good, I say. I'm sure you're walking straighter and have a happier look about you in your dresses. Good for you!

Barbara said...

Plus I'm sure you look incredibly fabulous in dresses. Remember you've got the Stephan's legs.

Aaron said...

Attractive women in dresses and cheese!? Where do you think you are, Wisconsin?

If there's a knitted animal for Kieran's peanut, might wanna double-time it. Shawna was contracting last night, so it's looking like sometime this weekend.

I suggested Aaron as a good Irish name.