Saturday, November 15, 2008

Caturday and Minor Content

Hi, everybody! ("Hi, Dr. Nick!") It's that time again--time for Caturday!

Pippin has discovered a new lair. He's hanging out in a wire storage cube, on top of one of my sweatshirts. That's what happens when you don't put your clean clothes away immediately! It's so cute, though, I can't bear to take it away from him by filling the cube up again.

George did not do this to herself, but she was strangely content to hang out in the crate. Cats.

And here's Eve, in one of her friendly moments. Eve has a new friend--a stray cat that likes to hang out on my front porch. This leads to Eve sitting on my nightstand (a habit I have given up trying to break her of) and looking out the window, meowing and scratching, mostly while I'm trying to sleep. When it's really bad, I give her catnip until she's too stoned to care about her new friend. At this point she might be keeping me up just to get the drugs. Addict.

After my exhibit last weekend, I had to haul a bunch of crap to my car. And rather than taking two trips, this is what I did:

Ambition: I has it. I did manage to make it out without any catastrophes, though, which only reinforces my crazy desire to get everything hauled out at once. Sometimes I'm a little nuts.

I was a bit nuts last night, too. I was feeling restless and bored, so I made a little shopping trip and picked up some henna. (Sorry, Samara, I didn't get your e-mail until after I sent the last package. The next one will have henna in it, like you requested.) Of course, I picked some up for myself, too, and went to town. I couldn't do my hands, because I have yet another work event this afternoon. But here's what I did do:

You might have to click to see it. I could only stand the cold for about two hours before I had to wash off the henna paste and put on long pants, so it's kind of faint. Basically, I made vines and leaves climb all over my leg and foot. I like it. I did something similar to the other leg. And then I felt better.

Right now, all of my crafting is of the secret variety, which is frustrating. I'd love to be able to post pictures of the things I'm making, but I guess that'll happen soon enough. Assuming I can manage to finish everything. In the meantime, please admire the granny square afghan that my leg is resting on in the above photo; I made that.


Shunyata said...

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Aaron said...

Dude, the post above me is blog spam. Bah-leet it!

Thanks for Caturday. It makes me miss my cats when I've forgotten all about how cute they are! Oh, my Pippin.

Nice Henna, hippie.