Sunday, November 2, 2008

Belated Caturday, Plus More!

Sorry Caturday is late--I spent all day yesterday in Newport at the aquarium! The best part was a newish thing they're doing--the Penguin Encounter. Anne and I were lucky enough to be the only ones signed up, so we got 20 minutes alone with 4 penguins and their trainer.

We got to pet them!

Scratching your head is tricky, when you're a penguin.

That's Simon in front.

We fed some lorikeets.

And we saw a leopard shark.

It was a lot of fun to be able to tell Anne that I had seen one of those in the wild.

That was just the highlights--there were many hours of aquarium fun. It was an excellent day. It made up for snapping one of my wooden spoons making spaetzle the other night.


And now, cats. I'm taking baby steps toward posting videos of them--I'm waiting to complete the process until I have something to show for each of them. Right now all I've got is George. So today we get stills.

George is the queen of the bookshelf.

As usual, Pippin plays it coy.

And Eve wants to go on a trip.


Abigail said...

Hey Ann -
Im so jealous that you girls got to play with penguins! As always I loved the pictures of the cats, especially pippin.

Hope all is well, and thanks for entertaining me with Caturday!

As for Christmas - David and I are giving some homemade yummies, and small store bought gifts for everyone - so feel free to think small, and homemade, and filled with love :) Awww

Aaron said...

Getting to play with penguins in person is a very good excuse for late Caturday, and I bet you were really, really excited. That's cool.

I'm glad they didn't start doing that before you had Anne to take you. If Samara and I had been there, the fishy smell would have probably made Samara barf!

The cats are cute. I'm looking forward to Caturday video.

We miss them and you!

Samara said...

Sounds like a nice day. :)