Sunday, November 16, 2008


I had a fantastic day yesterday. I had a meeting in the morning, which went well, and then I ran an errand, and then I shirked a minor responsibility and went home.

On my way to the front door, I saw this little guy.

This is a cold, wet, out of season, living caterpillar. I felt for it--it's pretty much doomed. But the last time I brought a caterpillar inside, it made a cocoon in a jar and stayed there forever--it didn't survive to hatch. So I decided, regretfully, to let nature take its course.

I watched DVDs, petted kitties, made dinner, baked a cake, and worked on my Special Olympics scarf.

Here the scarf is modeled by the storage ottoman I picked up for about 8 bucks on the last day my second work discount was active, and by Mr. Pointy, my trusty US 20 knitting needle.

And this morning, I looked out my window and saw something surprising.

See that white stuff on my windshield? That would be snow. See, Samara and Aaron, Alaska isn't so different from home!

So, I think that this morning I might try to put plastic on some of the windows. There is a definite draft coming in. I'm sure that for the rest of the winter I'll be playing "Don't scratch that!" with the cats, since I'm only planning to go outside for a few of the windows, but hey--a little protection is better than none, right?

And then I'll go to Stitch 'n' Bitch. Yay! I haven't been to a Sunday SnB in ages. I'm looking forward to it.


Barbara said...

Gak! Snow.

Poor little wooly worm. But maybe his fur coat will keep him warm. Maybe he moved into a nice warm place under a shrub to hibernate so he can be a beautiful butterfly next spring.

Nice scarf. Somebody will love wearing it.

Aaron said...

Okay, your post gives me questions.

What was your meeting that went well?

And what minor responsibility did you shirk?

Your snow pales in comparison to our snow, but it is amusing to see that it's not just Alaska.

Also, wait, what's a Special Olympics scarf?

Oh, and you answer the question you asked on my blog--I could use one of those face mask things. You know, the neoprene mask that covers the lower face of your face? That'd be good.