Tuesday, November 25, 2008


A few nights ago, I had a nightmare. I was in the house I grew up in, in a sort of futuristic world--think The Net. For some reason, the bad guys wanted to make me disappear. So I grabbed a few small things and ran next door, asking for a place to sit for a few hours until I figured things out. Spying from the porch, I saw someone approach my house, then relaxed--it was just a mail carrier. "Strange," the neighbor said, "our mail hasn't come yet." I looked again, and there was another person dressed as a mail carrier, and they had a huge mail truck into which they were loading the contents of my house. So there I am, in mortal danger from an unknown enemy who is doing their best to make it seem like I never existed, and what goes through my mind? I start to scheme about how I can sneak back into the house and save my yarn. Sick.

Tonight I was thinking about what to take to Stitch 'n' Bitch, and every project I was working on just sounded boring. Deadly, mind-numbingly boring. And I was seized by the desire to knit something new--something different--something for myself. So I searched and found the pattern for the Woodland Shawl. Fingering weight yarn, 460 yards, size 6 needles, and some lace. Perfect. I dug through the stash and found something appropriate in the appropriate yardage, and hit the print button. Turns out I'm out of printer ink. So I did what any self-respecting knitter would do: I wrote the pattern out by hand so I could knit and watch TV at the same time.

Of course, I left a YO out of the first pattern row, and had to go back and find the problem. Luckily I only had to tink 2 rows, and then I was off and running. That's one pattern repeat in the photo above. The pattern calls for 12 repeats, but that just doesn't seem like enough to me; I guess we'll see!

Ahh. I feel better.


Aaron said...

So let me remember this correctly... this blog is called Transference of Addiction because you stopped smoking and started knitted instead.

You're displaying some insane addict behaviour with your knitting, girl. You should just start smoking again. It'd be less crazy.

Then again, knitted stuff smells better than cigarettes.

Barbara said...

I hear you on the "knit for myself" theme. It's totally the reason for Phoenix Tears.

Bad, Aaron, bad. Don't even mention starting smoking again! Bad! And do you really think any addicted knitter would give it up? No. Then she'd have two addictions to spend money on.

Pretty shawl, Ann. Can't wait to see it blocked.

Katie said...

it was lovely to see you on Sunday, thank you for coming!

I agree with your mom, keep the knitting addiction!