Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scheduled Caturday!

Through the Magic of Blogger, I am writing this on Thursday, and in theory it will show up on Saturday. Whoooo! Spooky magic!

I'm doing a fancy scheduled post because I will once again be off on a work trip this weekend. (I mean, as you read this, I am on a work trip. Ooooh! Magic!) I should get back Sunday evening, and I'll try to catch up with the family phone calls then. Unless the booth is dead, in which case I might call from the exhibit.

So, cats! Some cats are easier to photograph than others.

For instance, George will sit on anything you put down. Bandanna=George's.

Eve, however, does not care for photo sessions. Most of my pictures of her look like this one.

And Pippin is easily embarrassed, even though his fur looks adorable when you brush it up the wrong way. (He wasn't heading for the litter box, just hiding in the cat room. And he didn't mind the brushing--just the attention.)

So there are cats. Happy Caturday!

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Thanks for cats!

I just realized that you're gone again on a Pride meeting weekend. I hope the peasants don't revolt!