Thursday, November 6, 2008


Oops, I mean, "Holy crap! Yarn!" Yep, I'm still knitting. And here's something that is in no way secret.

It's a sock, and a tiny part of a sock! There's nothing special about this sock. Plain ol' Regia sock yarn, US 2 needles, my standard 2x2 rib pattern. Except... there is something special about this sock.

Check it out--I got all clever and did the sole in reverse stockinette, so the flat side of the knitting is facing my foot. Now I just need to remember to do the same thing on the next sock, and I'll be all set!


Barbara said...

Oh, so you do still knit! I hate this time of year in knit-blog land when most of the knitting is stealth knitting so you don't get to see the cool things people are making.

Cool socks and clever you for making the sole more comfy to wear.

Samara said...

Why does that sock look longer than your foot

Ann said...

Samara, it looks longer than my foot because it's all squished in and narrow. When I put it on it stretches width-wise and looks normal. :)