Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things that Annoy Me Today

Driving to work this morning, I was behind someone who had this license plate. Now, I really don't mind if someone wants everyone driving behind them to know that they are pro-life. What does bother me, though, is that there's no pro-choice license plate option. Whatever happened to equal time?

And another thing. Someone has apparently posted a link to my floating/sinking knitting needle entry--on a Megadeth forum. At least, I've been getting a bunch of visits to that entry from that forum. What bothers me is that, when I went to go look at the posting, I didn't have access because I wasn't a member of the forum. I signed up, activated my account, and discovered that I still didn't have access. Because a moderator needs to approve me first, which they haven't done yet, 24 hours later. I need my Megadeth fix, people! Get with the approving!

Stupid people really annoy me. Someone thought it would be a good idea to hang an effigy of Barack Obama from a tree on campus. That person was stupid. Their actions were viscerally offensive to a lot of people (which seems countereffective, if your goal is to have McCain elected President), and is being investigated as a threat against a presidential candidate--not good. And while I am offended by the effigy (to a lesser degree than Lee Todd, possibly because I didn't see it and I'm not dealing with all the behind-the-scenes bullshit) and I do disagree with that person's mode of political communication (mostly because it involved what amounts to an act of vandalism), I think that the ensuing furor was a bit over the top. As an employee of the university, I received 5 e-mails yesterday about it. Two from the university president, one from my staff senator, one from my department's business manager, and one from the provost. There was a forum last night to discuss the incident and talk about race relations on campus. I don't think this is so much about race relations on campus as it is about race in politics, and politics in general. Oh, well. I'd just like them to stop e-mailing me about it.

And the final thing that's got my dander up this morning is the people who interrogate the employees at Second Work. Nearly every person who came to my register last night had the same question: "When are you all closing for good?" Answer: Not sure. Probably after the holidays. Many had a follow-up question: "When are the discounts going to get better?" Answer: No clue. And a few sensitive souls asked me this one: "What's going to be in this space after you're gone?" Seriously? I DON'T KNOW. It was depressing. I finally started answering question Number 1 with, "Actually, I'm not sure when I'll be losing my job. Probably some time after the holidays." Which is probably a bit more touchy than necessary, but when you've been answering that same question for several hours, you start to feel a bit raw.

Sigh. And I guess it does annoy me a little that pretty much all of my projects right now are Secret Holiday Knitting, so there's not really any good content up here. Bleh. Soon I'll try to post some knitting content. Have a happy Thursday.


Barbara said...

Well, you are having a week, aren't you? I mostly made Dad a hat so I'd have something to post about but it only took about 4 hours even with my putzy style of knitting (knit some, look around, knit some, fiddle with the yarn, look around, etc.) so it wasn't as effective as I'd hoped. Maybe I should resurrect one of my myriad of WIPs.

Hope today's less annoying.
Love, Mom

P.S. My verification word is "sednesca" which sounds like it should really be something, and something cool too.

Ann said...

Eh, I'm just grumpy this morning. I'll be fine now that I've done some kvetching.

Love you!

Samara said...

I enjoy the bitterness. People up here haven't seemed to grasp the full concept of being bitter. It's a bit of a let down.

Zabet said...

You have to petition for a license plate. We pro-choicers are apparently just lazy.