Sunday, October 19, 2008


First, for those of you missing the kitties, I present Pictures of Cats On Top of Stuff.

And why is Caturday late? Because I went camping!

See? Sugar was the second ingredient! It had to be camping. (When I was a kid, my brother and I had to make sure that sugar wasn't one of the first three ingredients in any cereal we wanted to buy--except when we went camping. Then it was open season on cereal.)

Here is Master Fire Builder Anne, building a fire, and in the background, you can see her two-person hammock. The one that appears to have a one-person rope, as it proved when we tried to both read in the hammock and the rope decided to let go of itself and send us plunging to the ground. Don't worry, we were both fine--just a little sore!

I taught Anne to play cribbage. If you click, you'll see that her green pegs are beating my red ones. She won best of three yesterday.

I showed off my domestic skills by cooking us pancakes and bacon over an open fire yesterday morning.

And then I showed off my rustic skills by making big wood into smaller wood. Yeah, I know, it's cheating to use a saw--but that was birch! Birch is really hard!

We spent the day yesterday just relaxing--playing cards, knitting, reading. So nice. And this morning we even managed to get in another game of cribbage before I had to take off and go to Crazy Second Work. It was a good weekend.


Aaron said...

Thanks for cats.

What the hell kind of super-futuristic post-Apocalyptic saw are you working at the wood with?

That's like some Apollo-13 space-age shit.

Samara said...

Yay, cats! Yay, camping! Boo, hammock!

Barbara said...

Mmm, food cooked over the fire. I'm jealous. Looks like fun. Bad hammock!