Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tired Caturday

Just got home from work trip. Very freaking tired. Want to go to party in an hour, then go have game night with Anne and her parents. May fall asleep on top of game board.

Here are cats.
Pippin and his fuzzy belly!

Eve and her fuzzy butt!

George and her fuzzy kitty face!

That's about all I've got for right now, folks. Have a good Saturday.


Aaron said...

I like cats.

I want to hear about game night at Anne's parents' house goes. Family game night--that's pretty serious stuff!

Samara said...

Is Eve sitting on your computer? They kitties are looking like they are having the usual caturday--being lazy and sleepy.

How is the closing of the store going?

Katie said...

yay Caturday!

have fun at game night!

Raellyn said...

We missed you at the AntiCraft party. There was cake! Hope game night went well!