Saturday, October 11, 2008


Once again, it's time for pictures of cats!

Here's Eve, lounging by the bookshelves. Doesn't she look cozy?

And here are George and Pippin.

They were being all cuddly until I grabbed the camera. Pippin had been grooming himself, then George jumped up and Pippin started grooming her. It was completely adorable, and of course it stopped the instant the camera pointed at them. Oh, well. They're still cute.

I had a good time at the signing last night, even though I forgot my camera. It was pretty low-key. Ann and Kay seemed like people I'd like to hang out with. They brought the hair. And they brought most of the projects from the new book for us to fondle. The projects were beautiful, and seeing them in person was very cool. It helped me decide which ones I want to make, and which I'll probably pass on. And I picked up a Christmas present while I was at the bookstore. Yay!

Today has been lovely. I woke up late, did some cleaning and a little rearranging in the kitchen, then ran some errands. I picked up several things for a secret AntiCraft project I'm designing, did a little stash diving, and wound up with a nice pile.

Muahaha! I'm having a blast with this. Now, if I could only find my craft glue... I know it's here somewhere! And I've made excellent progress on Phase One.

What could it be? All shall be revealed in the fullness of time.


Aaron said...

My cat and your cat,
sitting by the fire.
My cat told your cat,
I'm gonna lick your fur.

That's all I got for you.

Thanks for Caturday!

Samara said...

It's so cute to see pippin and george cuddling.

Barbara said...

What could you be making? Hmmm, looks interesting.

Katie said...

it was great to see you again!