Saturday, October 4, 2008

Caturday: FTW Edition

I woke up this morning to find that big ball of adorable next to me. She's actually under that pillow, which was serving as an oversized stuffed animal last night. Too cute!

There's George, on her new favorite perch: the top of my closet. She loves it up there. She likes getting up there and attacking the hangers through the fabric when I'm getting my clothes for the day out.

For a cat as appealing and popular as Pippin is, he's awfully hard to take interesting candid photos of. For this one, I lured him up onto the bed and had to take half a dozen shots to get a decent closeup.

I've been knitting away slowly. My sweater remains unfinished, but I'm making decent progress on a secret project. I've got a sock going. And I'm working on another hanky edging. I'm getting kind of tired of not finishing things, so Finishing is going to be a major objective in the next few weeks.

But here's the big excitement for the day. (This is the part where "for the win" becomes relevant.) I was at second work today, just standing there with no diversions. There was another cashier working, too. She was doing homework. Full-on studying, with a giant textbook and a big stack of index cards that she was making into flashcards. Then Assistant Store Manager walked up--the one who told me several months ago that I wasn't allowed to knit at the register. He talked to Cashier for a while, then walked away. He happened to be in the breakroom when I was collecting my things to leave. I casually said, "So, am I allowed to knit at the register again?" He was silent for a minute, not looking at me, then he said, "Was she doing homework?" "Yep," I answered. "I didn't notice," he said. "Oh, I just figured it was okay; you stood there and talked to her for a while, so..." In the end, it was agreed that I could knit as long as I kept an eye on the door. And if anyone's register extra-cirriculars become a problem, they all stop. But hey--knitting! Yay!


Samara said...

I was hoping you were going to say that he fired her. (too bad on that) It's good that you can knit at the register.

OMG, I need you to find out if second work has the charcoal cube thingys that you put in the fridge. Apparently, they are 500x better than a box of baking soda.

Aaron said...

My cats. :)

Glad to hear that your knitting is back on track.

Aren't you gonna quit second work?

Barbara said...

Yay for knitting and knitting at work! Cats? Eh, but then we know I don't have the pet gene.

Love you!

Katie said...

yay for second work boss seeing the light!